Your future is now. Stay yourself and be part of it.

Come on Board and join the Blackbit-Crew

Do you feel like starting out in new spheres and exploring new galaxies? Then get into your space suit, pack your suitcase full of pioneering spirit, fasten your seatbelt and take off to the planet Blackbit.

We live by the motto "Improve yourself, then you will improve the world". We start our exciting missions with the combined power of interdisciplinary crews - always hungry, agile and unwavering. We stand up for each other, give each other inspiration and trust, and keep our eyes on the big picture.

"Be nothing but yourself!" We pursue this goal - both internally and externally. We are convinced that the extraordinary is not created in confinement, but rather from the freedom to develop oneself. "Love what you do, then boundaries become small hurdles on the way to something never before seen! This is a secret of our long success. Of course, freedom also requires a lot of personal responsibility - but that is clear. 

As much as we love the challenge, the moments of switching off are just as important to us: taking off your space suit, recharging your batteries and dangling your feet. Our motto: Keep your balance, mate!  We are very proud of this, because it is far from being standard in our business. With a fresh spirit and new energy, we then start into new adventures.

Does that sound like your philosophy of life? Then quickly send us your adventurer's license and convince us with your qualities. Our crew is already very curious and is looking forward to meeting you.  

Generation Praktikum

Du bist jung und brauchst das Praktikum? Wir verstehen das und lassen gern Macher von morgen reinschnuppern. Aber leider können wir nicht so viele Praktika anbieten, wie wir gerne würden. Deswegen sind Plätze bei uns hart umkämpft.

Jetzt bewerben.