As a team, we grow beyond ourselves.

We work in a structured and creative way. We think outside the box and solve every problem precisely. We understand complicated things and make them simple. We are able to see every detail as well as the big picture. We plan precisely and react spontaneously. We fight for the best idea and satisfied customers. We love our agency, our work and the life itself. We put ourselves apart and pull ourselves together again. We never stop learning and pass our knowledge. We are about 40 permanently employed professionals and rebels, managers and artists, nerds and communication professionals - each one an expert, together ingenious. As a team, we do our best to help our customers to move forward every day. Therefore, the agency has been growing for 30 years.

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Alexander Strizhakov

Engineering Director

+380 63-779-75-32


André Reß

Online Marketing

+49 551 506 75-66

André Reß is a leader in the field of online marketing. He designs comprehensive measures for online advertising campaigns and is an expert in search engine marketing, optimization and advertising. This also includes web analyses, the construction of suitable landing pages as well as conversion tracking and optimization. He is a Google-certified AdWords specialist and is therefore particularly skilled at integrating various Google tools into online marketing strategies. The passionate recreational athlete prefers to gain the necessary stamina in the Göttingen area, while he finds relaxation while sailing on the Baltic Sea.

Anett Michael

Text / Social Media / SEO

+49 551 506 75-69

Anett Michael has a Master's degree in Media Communication from the TU Chemnitz and as an online copywriter at Blackbit she also brings complex topics to the point. With her target group oriented writing she writes search engine optimized texts for websites and online shops. In addition, she ensures effective search engine marketing with effective advertising texts and takes care of the social media activities of Blackbit's customers. Even in her free time she likes to keep all balls in the air - because her passion is juggling. She likes to take creative time out for geocaching and climbing.

Christian Engelmann

Online Marketing

+49 551 506 75-42

Christian Engelmann supports our customers with his longtime professional experience in search engine marketing. The certified Google AdWords expert conducts web analyses, designs SEO and SEA measures and takes care of optimal visibility in the search engine environment. When he's not working on top brand awareness and best conversions, the Heiligenstadt native likes to devote himself to technical tinkering at home, watching sports or powering himself up at squash.

Christina Worbs

ERP / Controlling

+49 551 506 75-47

Christina Worbs is a graduate mathematician and Blackbit's ERP expert. Whether merchandise management, financial accounting or customer relationship management - Christina Worbs is available to provide advice and support to interested parties and users. She keeps in close contact with our partner SoftENGINE in order to keep up to date with the latest developments and to offer customers a professional and comprehensive service. In her free time she likes to meet with friends or play tennis.

Christoph Klöppner

Application Development

+49 551 506 75-67


Daniel Bartschies

E-Commerce Development

+49 551 506 75-57

With his extensive experience in the field of e-commerce, Daniel Bartschies is mainly responsible for xt:Commerce projects at Blackbit. As a PHP developer and freelance software developer, he has already worked with various shop systems such as xt:Commerce and Magento. Searching and finding also plays a role in his spare time with geocaching. The trained office administrator likes to give free rein to his creativity with culinary experiments.

Daniel Gerlach

Managing Director

+49 551 506 75-18

Managing Director Daniel Gerlach is a consultant with passion. Whether classical advertising or online marketing - the lateral thinker and quick talker knows what is important when developing and implementing integrated communication strategies and measures.

As an avowed basketball fan and shareholder of Pro Basketball Göttingen GmbH, he provides Blackbit with the right dribbling and is our power forward in terms of plain language. The enthusiastic motorcyclist is co-founder of the entrepreneur network "Business on Bikes" and is also a member of the Rotary Club Göttingen South. After work he likes to spend his time with his wife and daughters.

David Gottschalk

Key Account Management / Business Development

+49 551 506 75-55

David Gottschalk works for us in the area of Key Account Management & Business Development. Above all, he supports our existing customers in making their online shop even more successful. The qualified IT systems specialist brings the necessary expertise from his training. He developed a feel for the needs of customers during his many years of experience as a senior key account manager for well-known companies in the fields of news services and video asset management. The native Berliner is not only sporty when it comes to the satisfaction of our customers: The Harz Mountains provide the passionate racing cyclist with challenges that the capital cannot offer.

David Stiller

System / Cloud Administration

+49 551 506 75-54

As a specialist for system and cloud administration, David Stiller is our man when it comes to setting up, maintaining and monitoring IT infrastructures. For our customers as well as for the Blackbit team, he is a reliable contact person for practically all questions regarding server virtualization and hosting, e-mail systems and software updates. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and diverse experience, David Stiller is also the right contact person when it comes to analyzing and solving a wide variety of IT problems. As a balance to his work in our agency, he really lets it all hang out on the guitar in private.

Dennis Korbginski

Head of Application Development

+49 551 506 75-64

Dennis Korbginski supports the Blackbit team as a business IT specialist in the area of application development. This includes the implementation of various web projects based on content management systems like pimcore and WordPress. Since he has turned his hobby into a profession, he also likes to spend his free time at the computer.

Dirk Hedtke

Frontend Development

+49 551 506 75-43

Dirk Hedtke is a frontend developer at our Hamburg location. With a trained eye for aesthetics and usability he implements effective web designs for Blackbit customers. The native North Rhine-Westphalian brings along the tools of the trade, especially from his media design studies and his work for a well-known music TV station. As a senior online producer, he has been in charge of the channel's website for twelve years and has been involved in a total of five relaunches. He then worked as a front-end developer for a media services provider for the sports and entertainment industry and - looking for a more attractive employer - finally ended up at Blackbit. When Dirk Hedtke isn't busy polishing up web designs for our customers, he enjoys devoting himself to electronic entertainment music. As a DJ, but also as a passionate dancer, he likes to go clubbing and prefers to spend his holidays at concerts and festivals.

Emre Gül


+49 551 506 75-79

Emre Gül looks after and advises potential customers on all aspects of e-commerce and xt:Commerce. With more than ten years of professional experience and constant customer contact, she also worked directly for the software manufacturer xt:Commerce as team leader telesales and is therefore top fit in the support of online shop projects. In her free time she likes to go swimming or enjoys long walks in the fresh air.

Jan Philipp Leusch

ERP / Backend Development

+49 551 506 75-59

Jan Philipp Leusch coordinates the internal administration of operational resources as ERP specialist and backend developer. As a trained IT specialist for application development, he knows the tips and tricks for exploiting the potential of BüroWARE/WebWARE. The Berliner-by-choice not only likes to solve complex problems at Blackbit, but also in his spare time he writes small programs or deals with complex computer games. When he is not at the computer, Jan Philipp likes to cook and spend time with friends playing board games such as poker or yahtzee.

Jan Walther

Web Development

+49 551 506 75-34

Jan Walther is backend developer at our Berlin location. Already as a schoolboy he programmed an online game and later professionalized his enthusiasm for web projects during his dual computer science studies at the Berufsakademie Sachsen in Leipzig. While still a student, he developed his own classifieds market and continued to operate it as a self-employed person after graduation. Thus he was able to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of modern software development over several years. After his self-employment he worked as a software architect for medical and laboratory software and had the complete development chain in view. On weekends he likes to work in the garden or search for hidden treasures while geocaching.

Jan Wieland

Frontend and Backend Development

Jan Wieland is working for Blackbit as a full stack developer. He started programming privately in 1985 and since 2012 he has turned his passion into his profession. Born in Göttingen, Germany, Jan is responsible for front- and backend development at Blackbit. In his spare time he likes to take pictures in nature and plays billiards with fascination.

Jana Hartmann

Web Design

+49 551 506 75-34

Jana Hartmann conceives, designs and realizes expressive online and print designs for Blackbit customers. Already during her media design studies and as a freelance designer she has inspired professionals and clients with her creative design ideas. She is in top shape when it comes to working with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator & Co. and - equipped with a Master of Science in agricultural sciences - she brings special expertise to the support of clients from the agricultural sector. In her free time she also likes to live out her creativity - for example by drawing, painting and photographing.

Katharina Herz

Image Processing / Visualization

+49 551 506 75-14

As a specialist for digital image processing, Katharina Herz knows all the tricks and knacks of Adobe Photoshop and gets the best out of every picture. In our photo studio, she uses her eye for the essentials to skilfully stage a wide variety of products. All other tasks in the field of visualization are also in the best of hands with her. In addition, Katharina takes care of the data archive and thus ensures order on our server. Also after work she keeps her eyes open when she is looking for the next motive for a macro photography or a hidden geocache.

Kerstin Schmitz

Media Design / Proofreading

+49 551 506 75-35

Kerstin Schmitz is our specialist for the design and typesetting of extensive printed works. In the field of proofreading and editing, she not only ensures correct spelling, punctuation and hyphenation, but also always keeps an eye on the uniformity of spelling and typography as well as the style and legibility of texts and documents. She also works tirelessly to save the genitive.

Lisa Kleffner

Project Management

+49 551 506 75-71

With a master's degree in German studies, Lisa Kleffner has a keen sense of spelling and grammar. At Blackbit she is a trainee for social media, text and content. In her free time she enjoys reading books by Patrick Salmen and taking long walks with her dog.

Marileen Stamer

Frontend Development

+49 551 506 75-40

Marileen Stamer is a frontend developer in our Hamburg office. For Blackbit customers, she skillfully casts screen designs in HTML code, demonstrating a trained eye for aesthetics and functionality. The trained IT specialist has been working in the field of front-end development and newsletter implementation for several years and has already created websites for well-known companies and brands. In addition to her Blackbit-job, she is currently acquiring specialist knowledge in the online study of media informatics. And she also shows her full commitment in her free time: as a mum and as a trainer for Zumba and aerobics.

Martyna Mozolewska

Project Management

+49 551 506 75-73

Martyna Mozolewska, with a bachelor's degree in economics and a wide range of experience from a variety of industries, is ideally placed for the turbulent job of project manager. She has already proven her resistance to stress at a Hamburg television production company, a doctoral company and a law firm. When she's not busy roving about, she enjoys baking, keeping fit or exploring the world on her travels.

Matthias Föckeler

Social Media & Content Management

+49 551 506 75-75

With a penchant for language and creative word acrobatics, Matthias Föckeler supports the Social Media and Content team as a trainee. During and after his studies in sports and nutritional science, he already wrote for various online formats and is particularly convincing with his ability to package complex issues in an understandable and charming way. To balance this, he spends his free time relaxing with his loved ones or indulging in arts and crafts. Especially wood, metal and the play with different colours are in the foreground. 

Nadine Bachert-Brückner

Administration / Financial Accounting

+49 551 506 75-10

Nadine Bachert-Brückner takes care of the financial accounting at Blackbit and assists clients and business partners in all questions concerning accounting. Her responsibilities also include general office organization, administration and secretarial tasks. In her free time she spends a lot of time with her family, enjoys swimming and works with passion in her garden.

Nadine Bisikati

Assistance to the Management

+49 551 506 75-74

Nadine Bisikati has a degree in communications and has already gained agency experience in a wide range of areas - from event organisation, editorial work and customer training to project management. At Blackbit, she coordinates and plans all processes between customer enquiries and the completion of orders as project manager and assistant to the management. In her free time she likes to meet with friends for cooking together or to gather new impressions on her travels to distant countries.

Olaf Guse

Art Direction

+49 551 506 75-61

Graduate engineer Olaf Guse works at Blackbit as Art Director in the field of web design and is production manager for content management solutions. Both in wireframing and in the development of Atomic designs, he pulls out all the stops to provide our customers' websites and online shops with attractive and user-friendly interfaces that are optimally displayed on all end devices thanks to Responsive Design. As a change from the virtual world of work, Olaf Guse likes to use pencils, brushes and paint, experience the landscape on his hand-restored BSA motorcycle from 1947 and let a fresh breeze blow around his nose while sailing or surfing.

Patrick Bitzer

E-Commerce Development

+49 551 506 75-45

Patrick Bitzer is a trained IT specialist for system integration and has also completed further training as an e-commerce assistant. Equipped with the Junior Linux Professional Level 1 certificate, he has already gained professional experience as a PHP developer. At Blackbit he mainly develops web projects based on xt:Commerce, Zend and pimcore. His enthusiasm for programming and web design often keeps him on the PC screen in his spare time. He finds a good balance to sitting a lot with relaxed walks.

Sandra Schilling

Project Management

+49 551 506 75-63

Sandra Schilling has been working for Blackbit customers since 2014. She leads our team for inbound marketing and content management systems and coordinates as project manager all processes from the first customer inquiry to the completion of orders. In project conception and consulting, she not only draws on her wealth of experience from more than 10 years of customer service, but also scores with up-to-date know-how from numerous regularly refreshed HubSpot marketing and sales certifications. In her free time she keeps fit with yoga or works out with her dog.

Siska Wilde

Art Direction

+49 551 506 75-13

Siska Wilde is a communications specialist and designs logos, advertisements, brochures and much more. In addition, she advises our clients in all questions concerning the development of corporate designs and is also very familiar with image processing. After work, she likes to dance the Zumba, is a former basketball player and a big fan of the BG Göttingen and enjoys every little ray of sunshine during long walks with her dog.

Sören Dammert

Web Development

+49 551 506 75-68


Stefano Viani

Managing Director

+49 551 506 75-50

As managing director, Stefano Viani is responsible for the strategic direction of our agency. When he is not travelling in the metropolises of Germany to inspire new customers for our services and solutions or to cultivate network partnerships, he controls everything that has to do with e-commerce, xt:commerce and completely satisfied customers from his desk.

As a visionary with a down-to-earth attitude, he always thinks at least one step ahead and ensures with a lot of personal commitment that Blackbit continues to grow and convinces with effective concepts and measures for successful sales marketing in the future. In his spare time, the "rocker of digital commerce" is either with his family or on his motorcycle.

Vitalii Buga

Frontend Development


Yaroslav Sayenko

Frontend Development