As a team, we grow beyond ourselves.

We work in a structured and creative way. We think outside the box and solve every problem precisely. We understand complicated things and make them simple. We are able to see every detail as well as the big picture. We plan precisely and react spontaneously. We fight for the best idea and satisfied customers. We love our agency, our work and the life itself. We put ourselves apart and pull ourselves together again. We never stop learning and pass our knowledge. We are about 40 permanently employed professionals and rebels, managers and artists, nerds and communication professionals - each one an expert, together ingenious. As a team, we do our best to help our customers to move forward every day. Therefore, the agency has been growing for 30 years.

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Alexander Strizhakov

Engineering Director

+380 63-779-75-32

Engineering Director Alexander is responsible for corporate development at the Kiev site. With both feet firmly planted in his fast-paced environment, he uses agile methods to optimize Blackbit's operational processes. To this end, he sets up project teams, implements SDLC practices in all areas of the company and develops cross-organizational and cross-project processes.

André Reß

Head of Online Marketing

+49 551 506 75-66

André has basically become a search engine himself and at Blackbit he holds his hand over everything concerning SEA and SEO. Together with the other one he looks after his key accounts and takes care of strategic project conception. With his eyes firmly fixed on his goal, he proves to have staying power and a lot of patience, just like when jogging and sailing or rowing in his free time.

Anett Michael

Text / Social Media / SEO

+49 551 506 75-69

Anett is so social: When it comes to community management or social media marketing and texts for websites, blogs and online shops, Anett accommodates all those with SEO-optimised texts and holds the pen up for target group justice.

She always has her audience in mind when juggling her many hobbies. Whether crocheting, knitting, textile upcycling, writing for her own blog or building insect hotels: the customer is king – or queen, if it's bees.

Anicia Ehmer

Social Media & Copywriting

With a sweet cappuccino on the table and a smile on her face, Anicia's fingers sprint across the keyboard early in the morning. Not only our customers benefit from her passion for social media and text and her great curiosity for new, challenging tasks, but also the whole team.

Anicia finds peace and quiet at home with her little dog Baluu and can really switch off during one of her many projects involving the restoration and refurbishment of old furniture.

Behrouz Heidarzadeh

PHP backend developer

Behrouz, an IT specialist for application development, is completely addicted to the backend: Using PHP, MySQL and Pimcore, he develops customized backend solutions and fulfills the database wishes of our customers. Only privately does he venture into the frontend when he tinkers with friends' websites or his own site.

Bohdan Skuba

Bohdan Skuba

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Christian Engelmann

Online Marketing

+49 551 506 75-42

Christian supports our customers with his longtime professional experience in search engine marketing. The certified Google AdWords expert conducts web analyses, designs SEO and SEA measures and takes care of optimal visibility in the search engine environment. When he's not working on top brand awareness and best conversions, the Heiligenstadt native likes to do technical tinkering at home, watch sports or power up at squash.

Christoph Klöppner

Application Development

+49 551 506 75-67

Application developer Christoph builds digital commerce platforms on a solid Pimcore foundation. As an accomplished backend builder with more than 20 years of experience, he completes even the most challenging projects for our customers. Away from the construction site, the Göttingen native belongs to his wife and two daughters. And then it's off to the bathtub with Podcast!

Daniel Bartschies

E-Commerce Development

+49 551 506 75-57

Our experienced web developer Daniel spends most of his time on the installation, configuration and customization of xt:Commerce systems as well as data migration processes. For this purpose he makes adjustments in Pimcore to enable flawless transfer to xt:Commerce.

In his spare time the culinary creative likes to transfer food from the plate to his stomach and always likes to share his creations with others.

Daniel Gerlach

Managing Director

+49 551 506 75-18

For everyone and everything there, he is not too bad for anything. As co-founder and half of the double management team, Daniel advises clients on strategy and sales. At Blackbit, he organizes operational processes, is responsible for commercial matters, takes care of new and existing personnel, does the purchasing and sometimes even takes the drill himself.

Daniel is a real family man: in his private life as well as in the company organization and customer relations. As time goes on, everything gains in quality.

David Gottschalk

Key Account Management / Business Development

+49 551 506 75-55

At David, it's essentially about three things: winning customers, advising and supporting them - and all this without a break. No problem, because as a passionate cyclist he is firmly in the saddle and has the necessary stamina to go the extra mile for some customers. Pull, David!

Dennis Korbginski

Head of Application Development

+49 551 506 75-64

Our leadership in application development: Dennis floats above things, as well as all processes around the development of applications for our customers. He is responsible for the technical project conception, calculates the expected workload, reliably evaluates new technologies and leads the development team in new tasks. In his private life he is not far from this, because his leisure time is also dominated by technology: Netflix, games and YouTube provide the necessary diversion.

Dirk Hedtke

Frontend Development

+49 551 506 75-43

Dirk likes to be as close to the user as possible - that's why he works in the frontend and specializes in everything that users can experience, see, click and hear. Speaking of hearing: Dirk fills his tank with music that ignites the passion that he lets flow into web development. The user thanks!

Emre Gül


+49 551 506 75-79

Emre is the good soul of our Berlin office. With an enormous know-how around the different shop systems, modules and templates she scores as an expert for online shop projects. Her tasks include consulting and sales as well as the competent and long-term support of existing Blackbit customers. Emre prefers to recharge her energy stores during long walks along the Spree.

Gabi Hebenstreit

Project Manager

Our customer sympathizer looks deep into their soul to translate their wishes into programmable images for our developers. Where smoke rises, it is not far away. As a fire extinguisher in emergencies and an active arsonist for new ideas, project manager Gabi is committed to her customers and also ignites the spark for customer projects with our developers. After a fire - uh, after work, consuming HIIT or cardio workouts must burn in the muscles until the stove is finally out.

Jan Walther

Senior Developer / Architect

+49 551 506 75-34

Oh, Jan! Conception and development of Pimcore-based master data management solutions, implementation of interfaces between Pimcore and external systems - e.g. for enterprise resource planning, online stores, marketplaces - as well as the creation of reusable plug-ins and consulting of customers regarding economic and technical challenges. 

Jan Wieland

Frontend and Backend Development

Jan Wieland is employed by Blackbit as a full stack developer. He started programming privately as early as 1985, and since 2012 he has turned his passion into his profession. Born in Göttingen, he is responsible for the development of front- and backend solutions. In his free time, he enjoys taking photographs in nature and playing billiards with passion.

Jana Hartmann

Web Design

+49 551 506 75-34

Jana is at home in the Adobe Creative Cloud - expressive graphic and web design is her passion. Even during the heaviest downpour, the designer does not lose her cool and with the help of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator & Co she fulfils the wishes of our customers. She also creates extensive catalogues using the EasyCatalog software. After work, creative head Jana likes to grab a pencil and modelling clay or devote herself to her second hobby: sport shooting and hunting.

Julia Jordan

Media Designer

Julia makes it pretty: As a media designer she floats in the Adobe Cloud and gives Blackbit products that certain something. Image editing, layout and typesetting are among her tasks. In her free time she makes artistic handlettering, knits, crochets or makes it pretty with her daughters. She also finds balance in her carnival dance group, jogging or fitness training.

Kerstin Schmitz

Media Design / Proofreading

+49 551 506 75-35

Kerstin is a media designer and proofreader - what was set in Latin letters at Blackbit has seen her stern eagle eye. Her meticulousness arises from her deep love for language. And because everything is allowed in war and love, she mercilessly pulls out the red pencil in the fight against weird formulations, crooked metaphors and limping comparisons. One also learns the difference between raven and crow mother from her.

Lisa Kleffner

Project Management

+49 551 506 75-71

Lisa sees herself as a gardener who plants desolate landscapes at the customer's request and advises them in the selection of suitable plants. Structure is everything, which is why she is tirelessly insisting on the timely implementation of her planting calendar - from planting the seeds to harvesting. She continues to work in strict rhythm after work: fixed dinners with the family, weight training or agility with her hunting dog. Only a full week is a good week!

Luisa Sens

Text & Social Media

Luisa manages the social media channels of many clients, develops strategies, creates concepts and helps out actively and with great attention to detail in numerous campaigns and projects.

She prefers to take her mind off things when it comes to outdoor exercise and creative projects: Capturing the world with her camera, designing stationery and holding the results in her hands. Whether it's a framed photo or an artistically crafted card on special paper - Luisa loves it when the boundaries between digital and analog blur.

Marie Amelie Elbeshausen

Media Designer

Media designer Marie conjures up impressive graphics, adds the finishing touches to pictures and then gets everything ready for printing. In order to find a balance to her sedentary everyday office life, she goes up high. Because on weekends she likes to go on a big tour in the Harz Mountains. What she hasn't seen on her trips, she simply adds at home. Because the loving cat mommy not only likes to illustrate analog, but with the help of her iPad she lets every conceivable animal appear in her photos of excursions. As if there are no unicorns in the Harz Mountains!

Marileen Stamer

Frontend Development

+49 551 506 75-40

Marileen, front-end developer at the Hamburg site, skilfully combines function and aesthetics in HTML. Her screen designs simply perform beautifully. Experienced in frontend development and newsletter implementation, she has already created websites for major brands and companies. She gets new input from her online studies of media informatics. Off-the-job she also gets everyone in shape – as a mother or trainer for Zumba and aerobics.

Martyna Mozolewska

Project Management

+49 551 506 75-73

Martyna Mozolewska, with a bachelor's degree in economics and a wide range of experience from a variety of industries, is ideally placed for the turbulent job of project manager. She has already proven her resistance to stress at a Hamburg television production company, a doctoral company and a law firm. When she's not busy roving about, she enjoys baking, keeping fit or exploring the world on her travels.

Maximilian Herrmann

Backend Development

Max is a backend developer and our agency sunshine. Eight o'clock in the morning at the agency: The coffee machine is working, the computer is booted up, and Max is already in a good mood at the start and is highly motivated to take care of the backend to the delight of our customers.

A good day for Max only ends when, after a successful day at work, he once again demonstrates his discipline in the dojo at his great offline passion WingTsun.

Nadine Bachert-Brückner

Administration / Financial Accounting

+49 551 506 75-10

Nadine has always been good at memorizing numbers and is simply great with them. That's why she handles all the processes involved in planning, controlling, documentation and cost accounting for the company. This way she arrives at the overall result and can document the financial situation as well as changes in inventories - she thus determines what remains at the bottom line.

In her private life, she likes to turn her back on the realm of numbers and reset her computer in the fresh air - by bike or on foot and with her family and dog.

Nadine Bisikati

Assistance to the Management

+49 551 506 75-74

Don't mess with Nadine! As head of the operative business she takes over everything concerning the organisation and control of the operational processes. Controlling is also in the hands of the avowed control freak. Nadine also describes herself as impatient, direct, impulsive, open and loud - just as you would wish your colleagues to be. Only in her free time, when she meets friends for cooking or when she travels around the world, does she sometimes become quite quiet.

Natalia Beznosko

Natalia Beznosko

Junior FrontEnd Engineer

Junior FrontEnd Engineer

Olaf Guse

Art Direction

+49 551 506 75-61

Art Director Olaf plays on a wide range of experience and composes web designs in Wordpress, so that our customers' websites and online stores offer something to the eye. After work, he and his blues band play in the rehearsal room. Teamwork, tact and precise timing are at least as important there as in the morning in the agency.

Oleh Katiuk

Senior System / Cloud Administration

Thoroughbred developer Oleh is specialized in working with Amazon Web Services. Also privately, erstets is interested in learning how to apply new technologies and to meet the challenges with new solutions. Ancient challenges far away from new technologies, however, are his hobby: The strategy game "Hnefatafl" invented by the Vikings has taken a liking to him.

Patrick Bitzer

E-Commerce Development

+49 551 506 75-45

Fullstack web developer Patrick makes sure that everything looks great on the go and performs optimally. For him, free time means family time and if there's something left on his time account, he likes to grab his camera and take pictures or browse the web for tutorials and video courses to broaden his horizon.

Paul Vetter

Text & Concept

Sometimes creative, sometimes very dry and objective texts & concepts that are tailored to the needs of customers and target groups and sharpen Blackbit's self-marketing - that's Paul's world. Whether online or offline, for the blog, in fast moving social media or for corporate publishing of Bestand.

Content is also king in his private life: As a daddy, foodie and fitness junkie, Paul also feeds the Instagram Feed tirelessly from home. #liebezumlöffeln

Philipp Zettler

Philipp Zettler

SEO / SEA / Online-Marketing

Philipp is one of our SEO/SEA specialists and increases the online visibility of our clients with creative and accurate marketing campaigns. Philipp's nature proves that still waters are truly deep: Behind his reserved and calm manner lies burning passion. Whether Google Ads or content optimisation, Philipp sinks into his projects with focus - both during work and in private.
With patient precision, he draws comics in his spare time until he is drawn to the restful silence of nature. For it is while running through the deepest forests that he recharges his batteries. His motivation and perseverance pay off twice over: In the development of result-oriented marketing strategies as well as his private goal No. 1: running a marathon.

Robin Selmer

Web Development

As a front-end developer, Robin is the interface between technology and design - he makes sure that our customers' websites look and feel great on all popular devices. His sharp eye for detail and his love of order help to achieve this. After work, we experience Robin as a world saviour in video games or off-screen as a motorcyclist, barbecue master and avowed cat lover.

Sandra Schilling

Project Management

+49 551 506 75-63

Sandra holds the reins in the digital marketing team: from resource planning, time and cost management of her projects, monitoring the progress of the project to regular coordination with the customer, constant quality control and customer advice. A lot of stuff! To compensate, she only holds the leash of her dog in her hands in her free time while they roam together through forests and meadows.

Serhii Shatylo

Serhii Shatylo

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Sergiy Osipchuk

Senior Full Stack Developer

+380 93 575-16-16

Senior Full Stack Developer

Siska Wilde

Art Direction

+49 551 506 75-13

Our all-round energy bundle: As a passionate art director, Siska plans, coordinates and accompanies all creative processes in our projects. This starts with the development of concepts, goes far beyond image editing and layout creation and doesn't end with the implementation of advertising measures in print and digital. Where does Siska get the power for all this? Spending time with her dog lady baby, rhythmic Zumba workouts and lots of sun - preferably under the Spanish sky.

Sören Dammert

Web Development

+49 551 506 75-68

One customer, one solution. Sören finds and develops them, always tailored to the customer and his needs. To do this, he analyses the technical requirements, models the solution and implements it. In this way, he always learns new things and is always learning more. No wonder, because in his private life he also likes to broaden his horizons, try out new things, is undyingly in love with details and passionately defends his opinions. Perhaps one could even be hooded, discussing is his hobby.

Stefano Viani

Managing Director

+49 551 506 75-50

As Executive Director of Blackbit digital Commerce GmbH, Stefano Viani manages all areas of the agency across its offices located in Göttingen, Hamburg, Berlin and Kiew. He is passionate about developing marketing strategies and implementing them as concrete measures.

In his spare time, Stefano rides his motorcycle or works out in the gym.

Taras Shkodenko

Senior Technical Lead

+38 067-446-42-12

Senior Technical Lead

Valeriia Zaviriukha

Frontend Development

Software engineer Valeriia develops web applications for various areas of human life at the Kiev site. She works on her favourite programming projects at regularly to consolidate her skills - practice makes perfect!
Because her husband is also a programmer, work is a recurring theme in their daily lives. But she finds real relaxation in traditional archery, drawing by numbers or studying the non-technical chapters of humanity. She is particularly fond of the Italian Renaissance.

Vitalii Buga

Senior Frontend Developer

Vitalii speaks fluent Markup Language and creates functionalities at the frontend to optimize the user experience within his projects. While rendering, filtering and sorting data, he is constantly learning, as well as many of his personal interests. Topics related to business, psychology and human behavior also help him to improve any UX.

Vladimir Zverev

Vladimir Zverev

Backend Developer

Backend Developer

Vyacheslav Semeniy

QA Automation Engineer

Vyacheslav ensures quality by carefully troubleshooting. He tests software for bugs and checks its performance in different browsers for playback on mobile or stationary devices.

In his spare time, he is into speed: snow- or wakeboarding are only overtaken by his passion for motocross.

Yuliia Shynder

UX/UI Designer

Yuliia is not only from 9 to 5 UX/UI designer at Blackbit and provides users with optimal experiences when using applications and on websites. She designs her whole life as an adventurous journey and in her spare time she designs handmade jewelry and creates artistic images from pearls.