Digital Commerce Evolution


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We believe that at the heart of digital commerce is always an outstanding user and brand experience.
That is why we design commerce platforms appropriately, clearly and user-friendly.
But would there be conversions without content? Without product information, application examples and brand promises?
If we delight your customers, we build a community of loyal fans, we get the wheel spinning.
Because content creates meaning.
Meaning creates material for discussions.
And conversations promote brand awareness and customer loyalty.
Blackbit brings momentum to your Digital Commerce.


About us

We accelerate the development of your company in digital commerce through outstanding brand experiences and relevant added value. To achieve this, we rely on leading technologies, an agile business organization and innovative methods that place people as users, business partners and employees at the center of our activities. In this way we make our contribution to the positive shaping of the future.


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Senior Frontend Developer
Senior Frontend Developer
Senior Online-Marketing Manager
Senior PHP Developer für Digital Commerce



Excellent - E-Commerce-Portal as a new sales channel

Networking with a central system - Hamburg @ work e.V.

We enjoy the trust of many customers from national and international customers.

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