Delicatessen portal as new sales channel

The wholesale company Antonio Viani Importe GmbH is one of the leading importers of Mediterranean delicatessen specialities. In view of the growing importance of online trade, Viani has decided to serve the B2C market with a new brand identity and a relaunch of its online shop.

The Challenge

The new Viani brand shop is intended to offer more than high-quality product photographs and comprehensive product information. It should convey emotions, individuality and exciting background knowledge and thus create its own brand world, through which the fine food importer can clearly position itself in the market environment. The requirements of the specialist public and consumers must be equally fulfilled in terms of user guidance, depth of information and pricing.

Central article maintenance easily via the backend

Storytelling sells: Content and Commerce hand in hand

Editorial contents convey emotions and quality

Useful article recommendations for regional cuisine

Storytelling sells – content and commerce hand in hand

Recipe ideas, food stories and portraits of manufacturers are presented in a visually stunning way - visitors to the online shop are immersed in Viani's universe of enjoyment. Thanks to Pimcore, editorial articles can be easily created and linked to the product data stored in the PIM. Ingredients that are required for a recipe can be linked directly to the corresponding article pages in the shop, for example. In this way, Viani is able to create a consistent user experience and differentiate itself from the market environment through emotions and individuality.

Shopping becomes an experience

Following the relaunch of the online shops, the number of monthly visitors rose by 42% and sales increased by 9%. However, the high user-friendliness of the new shop is not only inspiring gourmets and the online editors Viani, but also digital commerce experts: Just recently published, the website was honoured as "Most Innovative Shop" at the Shop Usability Award 2016.

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